FATEK Automation Corporation
was founded in 1992 by a group of PLC R.D. engineers, is a famous manufacturer and developer of Programmable Logic Controllers in Taiwan. We have been focused on high-quality, high-functionality and compact design in micro PLC market, thus created our own brand “FATEK”. Here and now, we enjoy the great popularity in the industry. When the FATEK was founded in Taiwan,PLC was almost monopolized by some well-known PLC manufacturers from developed countries. At that time, not only the instructions cannot be compatible in various brands, the software GUI was also in different style. If an engineer would like to proficient or utilize a particular brand of PLC functions, often took him a very long time to explore, train or implement. Therefore, when an engineer is finally familiar with a particular PLC functions, complete a sophisticated complex control program or system, unless the quality of the PLC has some problems, otherwise he will not try to replace his current system with other brands of PLC. In addition, a PLC user generally not easy to build confidence to new brand because any quality problem will likely bring a company huge loss of money or reputation, thus resulting in creating barriers to entry. However, FATEK is much aware of the importance of the product quality in industry market plus PLCs at customer sites are not easy to be replaced as mentioned above, the only thing we can do is to slowly get the confidence of our customers with excellent quality and power features. With these, FATEK then build brand trust and customers advocates. Since we adhere to the development focused on technology research and quality management, we will never lower product cost or expedite product development by reducing the product quality. Therefore, FATEK’s reputation and credibility is equally to high-quality and high-functioning in the past decade.
From now on, FATEK’s expectation is to provide a total solution of industrial automation. In addition to continuously research and extend the HMI product line, we still need to develop more automation products to fulfill customer needs in the complex industrial automation environment. In order to compete with other PLC manufactures, FATEK’s short term gold is to research and develop more powerful PLCs. In the mean time, FATEK will also seriously develop motion controllers, human machine interface, industrial used power supply, servo controller, inverter and servo motor. We believe we can provide diverse high-quality products in the future because we are not just a provider of industrial automation solutions, but also an automation expert under customer trust.
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